Zumba Class in Bhayander West

Zumba Class in Bhayander West

zumba dance classes

Looking for a fun way to lose those calories and tone up your physic? Want to lose weight, enjoy fitness, and bring out the inner dancer in you? Join the Zumba dance classes where your Zumba instructor will lead you through a series of moves from a range of dances, with a series of different music tracks. Mr. Sumit Mandale conducts the fitness classes like Zumba and Aerobic at Sumit Dance Studio which is one of the Zumba class in Bhayander West  and Vasai West. Zumba is the type of dance activity which helps to burn maximum calories of your body and keep your body toned.

Zumba is both, dance and fitness activity. It is based on salsa & Latin dance moves. It allows people of any interest fitness or dance experience level to enjoy a fantastic workout. It is fun, easy and energizing. In Sumit Dance Studio, Zumba Sessions are done by professional Zumba trainers. These professionals are trained by reputed academies and have vast experience in the field of dance. The team is passionate about their profession and put all the efforts to conduct the Zumba class in Bhayander West.

Zumba fitness is the world’s leading branded dance fitness program and people all over the world are coming together and working out in this specialized, Latin dance based class because each session feels like a party, one can never recall where that one hour has passed and so you will never realize you have actually had a calorie burning power packed workout, burning anywhere between 500 to a 1000 calories!

So what are you waiting for? Join the party and burn those extra calories away with the Zumba class in Bhayander West, Sumit dance Studio.