Kids Dance


kids dance classes

Does your child dance around the house with or without any music playing? Are they the first ones off their seat the moment music starts playing around them? Then you should probably sign your child up for a dance class to Sumit Dance Studio which is one of the Best kids dance classes in Bhayander and Vasai to channel his/her inner creativity, enthusiasm for music and movement. Almost every child from play school to kindergarten must perform in the various skits and dances hosted by the nursery during the year. Wonderful, creative concerts are held in every term to give every child the confidence to perform on stage. These On Stage dance activities help in building the child’s overall personality development by boosting the child’s confidence, self-expression, leadership and courage which in turn prepares them well for education outside the nursery environment.

Your child can get admission in our classes if he/she is a minimum of 3 years old. Sumit Dance Studio is the dance academy with the dedicated team of instructors who conduct the Best kids dance classes in Bhayander. Dance classes for kids is also a great way to increase their physical activity, stamina and flexibility.